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Blackpink Elle Magazine October Cover

BLACKPINK - the girl group consisting of four members Rosé, Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo are KPOP’s current it group. The quartet are currently one of the most noteworthy musical acts in the music industry world today. Don’t believe us?

Since their debut in 2016 four years ago, BLACKPINK has been awarded multiple notable accolades, such as becoming the first Korean act to receive certification from the Recording Industry Association of America for their single "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du".

The girl group have become the first female KPOP group to be added to Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list, and were the first female KPOP group to ever perform at Coachella.

Just over the span of this past year (which we might note is not even over yet), BLACKPINK has broken numerous global music records. Their prerelease single “How You Like That” was the most attended video premiere in Youtube history with over 1.2 million viewers in attendance, and their music video broke one of the most coveted feats in music - most viewed music video in the first 24 hours. A final staggering total of 86.3 million views. That’s more views than most music videos get in their entire lifetime. 

BLACKPINK exudes girl power, and we are 100% here for it. It’s obvious that their reach and notoriety extends way beyond South Korea. And with their next album’s release date just announced and slated for October 2020, we’re about to hear a lot more of the girl group.

But we’re not complaining. 

BLACKPINK is a multi-talented KPOP girl group that packs a punch. And while we’ve been obsessed with their music, voices, dances, and essentially everything about them, we are currently majorly obsessed with one aspect of Blackpink in particular.… THEIR NAILS!!!!!!

If you’re a nail art enthusiast, or just someone who loves BLACKPINK (and who doesn’t?), chances are you’ve seen at least one set of nails the girl group has sported. Not sure if you have?

Let’s jog your memory real quick, shall we.

BLACKPINK’s Nail Artist - Park Eunkyung

BLACKPINK Unistella Press On Nail Collection

Before we dive into some of BLACKPINK’s top nail looks, we couldn’t do them justice without making a shout out to the one, the only, Park Eunkyung.

Park is a world-renowned nail artist and is probably responsible for any nail look you’ve ever seen on one of the girls. Park has been responsible for many popular nail trends, such as the "lipstick nail" and "glass nail" trends.

To check out more of her work and how she's currently innovating the nail industry, check out BLACKPINK's nail artist Instagram @nail_unistella.

BLACKPINK Nails by Music Video

Ice Cream 

We thought we couldn't be wowed any more than we already had by Park Eunkyung's nail art talent from "How You Like That." But that was until the Ice Cream music video (with Selena Gomez) was released on August 28th.

The cold treat filled Summer themed video featured nail designs that brought us back to our childhood memories. If you haven't checked out their newest music video release, check it out here.

Here are some of our favorite nail designs from the BLACKPINK music video:

BLACKPINK Jennie Ice Cream Video Nails

BLACKPINK Ice Cream Jennie Pastel Swarovski Crystal Nails

BLACKPINK's Jennie in a cotton candy themed top paired with cherry earrings, light pink Chanel pants, and a colorful set of pastel coffin press ons with Swarovski crystals.

BLACKPINK Lisa Green Hair Ice Cream Nails

BLACKPINK Lisa Basketball Court Ice Cream Nails

Queen Lisa rocking a lime green bob and pastel pink, white, and yellow candy themed coffin press on nails. 

BLACKPINK Jisoo Shows Off Ice Cream Nails

BLACKPINK Jisoo Ice Cream Red White Plaid Nails

Jisoo's nails during the indoor court scene of BLACKPINK's Ice Cream music video featured hearts, glitter, rand ed and white plaid designs. 

BLACKPINK Lisa Jelly Pink Nails Ice Cream Music Video

BLACKPINK Lisa Gummy Bear Ice Cream Nails

Lisa pulling out the cute charms by wearing pink jelly nails with gummy bear, hearts, and star molds on top.

BLACKPINK Jisoo Ice Cream Nails

BLACKPINK Jisoo Power Puff Girls Plaid Red Ice Cream Nails

Jisoo giving us 100% visuals along with a set of red glitter and plaid Powder Puff lipstick nails.

BLACKPINK Jennie Ice Cream Music Video Last Scene Outfit

BLACKPINK Jennie Cherry Bomb Ice Cream Nails

Jennie's last set of nails in the Ice Cream music video features cherries, hearts, a dangling charm, and the words "Cherry Bomb."

BLACKPINK's Lisa Holding Phone in Ice Cream Music Video

BLACKPINK Ice Cream Lisa Press On Nails Set

BLACKPINK Rose Yellow Ice Cream Nails

BLACKPINK Rose Yellow Sunflower Ice Cream MV Nails

Rose wearing a set of long coffin shaped yellow nails showcasing a sunflower themed design.

BLACKPINK Ice Cream Jennie Nails

Jennie wearing a set of long coffin press on nails with outdoor scenery designs. 

BLACKPINK Rose Ice Cream Nails with Dog

BLACKPINK Rose My Little Pony Nails from Ice Cream Music Video

BLACKPINK Lisa Lounging and Showing Off Nails in Ice Cream Music Video

BLACKPINK Lisa Frank Ice Cream Nails

How You Like That

The How You Like That music video not only featured a range of stunning and colorful outfits, but we also couldn’t help but notice how snatched each member’s nails were for each scene.

Check out the collection we’ve compiled below of some of our favorite looks from the video (you’ll see we couldn’t pick just one). 

Blackpink Jennie in First Group HYLT SceneBlackpink Jennie How You Like That Nails

Jennie sported a set of gold rings with yours truly’s name spelled out and paired the ring accessories with a metallic aqua chrome set of nails.

Blackpink Rose HYLT Nails

Blackpink Rose's How You Like That Cow Print Nails
Rosé, wearing a set of long coffin-shaped press on nails with muted brown cow print nail art in the teaser poster for the latest single.


Blackpink Jisso in How You Like ThatClose Up of Blackpink Jisso How You Like That Nails

Jisoo’s nails in the ending sequence of the How You Like That music video showcased the beauty of Korea’s history by featuring “Hunminjeongeum,” an official Joseon-era document describing the principle of Hangul.


Blackpink Jennie Flame Nails How You Like ThatJennie On Instagram With Flame Nails

Promotional shots for the music video displayed a sassy looking Jennie effortlessly wearing a set of jelly flame stiletto press on nails.

Blackpink Lisa In Solo How You Like That Scene

Close Up Lisa Nails

Lisa, our favorite Thai rapper and one of the best (if not the best) dancers in the KPOP industry, put on a set of multicolored coffin-shaped nails during her solo rap scene.


BLACKPINK Jisoo How You Like That Teaser PosterJisoo Pierced Nails

In her nail look for the How You Like That teaser poster, BLACKPINK's vocalist Jisoo wore a set of light beige, long stiletto pierced nails.


Blackpink Lisa Promo How You Like That NailsBLACKPINK LISA HYLT Nails

Lisa showing off a set of matte nude painted coffin press on nails with a white border outline at the top.


Jennie Wearing Nail Jewelry for How You Like ThatBlackpink Unistella Fingernail Rings

Not a painted set of nails, but still nail art nonetheless. In Jennie’s promo clips, you can find the her wearing a set of nail jewelry - a new accessory designed and created by Park. You can find the same fingernail rings worn by Jennie at Park’s store online at Unistella.

Ddu-du Ddu-du

On June 15, 2018, the day that BLACKPINK released the music video for "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du," we like to think that a huge earthquake ruptured through the center of the earth and everyone across the globe felt the power of BLACKPINK. 

The release of the song's video was a monumental moment for Blackpink. The "Ddu-du Ddu-Du" music video has gone on to become the first KPOP group video to hit 1 billion views on Youtube.

Sometimes we wish there was some type of brainwash button so we could go back in time to that period in our lives before we had ever heard of or seen BLACKPINK, and relive the moment of discovering the Jennie, Lisa, Rose, and Jisoo for the first time.

But since we can't (*cries in BLACKPINK*), we'll settle for going down memory lane and checking out our favorite nail looks from the music video that put them on the map.

Blackpink Lisa Sword Nails Ddu-Du Ddu-Du

Badass warrior Lisa unsheathes a pink sword with BLACKPINK etched into the metal. Her square shaped nails showcase a navy blue chrome and silver mirror chrome color, accented with multicolored rhinestones. 

Blackpink Jennie nails ddu-du ddu-du music video

Queen of the chessboard. Jennie's manicure showcases an elegant, clear glitter stiletto shaped claws with tiny pearls on the top.

Blackpink Rose nails ddu-du ddu-du music video

Swinging beautifully on a chandelier, Rosé has on a set of bright red nails to accentuate her fiery red hair.

Kill This Love

BLACKPINK Lisa Kill this Love Music VideoBLACKPINK Lisa Kill This Love Nails


Lisa wearing a set of checkered designed oval nails for her rap scene at the beginning of Kill This Love.



Are we missing any of your favorite BLACKPINK nail looks? If we are, let us know in the comments and we'll be sure to get it added in!

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